Silicon valley is coming to eat our lunch.

This now-famous phrase, spoken in 2014 by Jamie Dimon, executive director of JP Morgan, was a warning about the expansion of new technologies and their rapid penetration into traditional business.

Artificial intelligence is already used in numerous sectors: driverless cars; autonomous machines that perform complex financial transactions; computers using behavioural data analysis and advanced facial recognition to combat terrorism; the analysis of legal documents; etc.

These are just a few of the issues we will discuss at the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum, 19 May:

  • How should artificial intelligence be defined for the purposes of regulation?
    What are the best practices and trends in regulation?
  • What characteristics of artificial intelligence present the greatest danger — including health and security risks — to people?
  • Can legal regulation lower such risks, providing adequate protection right now? If not, when?
  • Is it even possible for laws to regulate relations and consequences that will arise in the future (and with great likelihood instantly), as a result of the synergy of technology and systems, the effect of which may be understood and assessed by humans only after such synergy takes place?

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